Maybe daydreaming isn’t so bad?

Maybe daydreaming isn’t so bad?

Being a Piscean, I was always prone to daydreaming. As a child, I would fantasise about being a pop star or a dancer in a West End musical (actually, make that Broadway). My friends would joke that my head was always in the clouds, it often was! As I got older, thankfully the daydreaming became less frequent, but sometimes it got the better of me, gazing out of the train window on the commute to work, or being miles away at the traffic lights, only to be honked at when the lights turned green. Little did I know that in later years, daydreaming, or visualisation as I prefer to call it now was going to become a very important part of my life.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I read a book called The Gentle Birth Method, by Gowri Motha, a book which for me was life changing. Before I read this book, I had a very negative view of pregnancy, and the thought of childbirth terrified me, the prospect of a natural delivery filled me with fear and dread. Gowri Motha changed all this. In her book, she advocates pregnancy yoga, Reiki and reflexology. I dutifully followed all her advice and also did something else she suggested, which at the time I thought was highly bonkers , visualisation.


She suggested, amongst other things, listening to a pre birth visualisation CD and a guided meditation which involved (rather bizarrely) miniaturising myself and my husband, transporting ourselves inside the pelvis and pushing the sides, (cuckoo!). Anyway I went into this with an open mind and did my daily visualisations. As I mentioned earlier, I am an expert day dreamer and found the guided visualisation easy to do. By the end of my pregnancy, my mindset had completely changed. I booked into the birthing unit at Watford General Hospital, and on 1st January 2005, I gave birth to my beautiful son in a birthing pool, with just some gas and air. I vividly remember one of my first thoughts being “that was bloody painful but it wasn’t that bad”.

When I hear of a friend’s pregnancy or if a client comes to me for pregnancy reflexology, I always recommend this book. What I still hadn’t realised was that the power of my imagination and actually visualising the perfect birth scenario had resulted in the perfect birth experience. With my next pregnancy two years later, I followed Gowri’s programme again, I had regular reflexology and Reiki and once again I listened to the CD (which these days is available as an app). I literally made it into the birthing pool with seconds to spare, I didn’t even get time for a quick puff of gas and air!

My positive birth experiences opened my eyes to alternative therapies and I was fascinated. My interest in these therapies grew and I trained In Reiki and qualified as a Reflexologist. It wasn’t until I read another life changing book that I realised the full power of visualisation, and how using your imagination can actually manifest a desired outcome. This book was Creative Visualisation, by Shakti Gawain. In my next blog post, I will tell you how the power of visualisation led me to be on a very well known game show which ended with a spectacular outcome.

Do you daydream? I would love to hear your comments.

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