Goal Setting Boot Camp Challenge


You have made your vision board, now what? Hopefully you will remember the exercises I left you with, visualise daily, meditate and slowly but surely your visions will become a reality. For many workshop attendees their lives have changed beyond measure. I believe this will be the case for you too.


I believe in you!




  • What if doubts set in?
  • What if you get off track?
  • What if day to day life gets in the way of your dreams?
  • What if, shock horror, your vision board gets neglected, gets frayed around the edges and starts to gather dust?


Don’t worry!

  • What if I was there to hold your hand for the next four weeks to support, mentor and encourage you through this process?
  • What if I set you weekly exercises, which will keep your mindset positive and your belief and expectations high?
  • What if I can clear your doubts instantly? As soon as they creep in! Doubts attract the Law of Attraction as easily as belief and positive expectation. I can make those doubts vanish and teach you tools that will keep those doubts away.
  • Would you like your visions to come true a bit quicker?
  • Would you like to super charge your vision board?

If any of these questions resonate with you, then you may want to consider my Summer Goal Setting Boot Camp.

Yes Boot Camp, it will be a challenge, and it will take you outside of your comfort zone, but remember this:

Comfort Zone


What is Boot Camp?

Boot camp is four consecutive weekly hour long sessions by phone or by Skype except for the first session which will be face to face.


  • Week One – Clearing, together we will clear past events that have prevented you from moving forwards, we will choose a particular event that you need closure on. Following on from this session is a seven day task which I will ask you to feedback to me in week two.


  • Week Two – Focus. We will focus on a specific goal – we will look around your thoughts as to why you feel this goal is out of your reach? We will clear doubts surrounding this goal. Doubts and fears are the emotions that will stop your dreams and visions in their tracks. I will teach you techniques which will continue to clear these doubts. The task ahead for the next seven days is to use this technique on a daily basis.


  • Week Three – We will see what has come up in the past two weeks– this week’s focus will be positive belief. Again you will be set a seven day task to feed back to me the following week.


  • Week Four – Anticipation, Expectation and Miracles – Anticipation and expectation are the two states of emotions that will literally create miracles in your life. When we believe and expect that things are going to happen for us – they do. The past three weeks have cleared away doubts, blocks and fears. We will be ending the boot camp with anticipation for the miracles that lie ahead for us.

What happens after boot camp?

It takes 30 days to form a habit, this month long challenge will change your thinking habits.
After the four weeks, you will be left with a shift in mindset, and a new way of thinking. The changes in your life will astound you. You will want to continually set new goals for yourself and using the techniques I have taught you, you can tick the goals off your vision board.
Similar programmes available can cost thousands of pounds. I am offering this intensive Goal Setting Challenge for only £250 however for my workshop attendees, I am offering this at the amazing price of £200 which works out at only £50 per session.
Take up my Summer Goal Setting Boot Camp Challenge today and get ready to make your dreams come true.

Step out of your comfort zone and sign up today!

Goal Setting Boot Camp