Its weird but it works!

For the past three years I have been engaging in an activity which I thought, when I was first introduced to it, was completely bonkers! Even now, as a qualified practitioner, it is something I prefer to do privately. I used to feel a bit embarrassed talking about it, and even now, some of my family members don’t know that I make a living doing this. What is it I hear you ask?

It is Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT or Tapping as it is also known. In a nutshell, EFT is best described as acupuncture without needles with a good helping of modern psychology thrown in. We use our fingertips to tap on certain parts of the head and body whilst talking about the problem in hand. In this video below, I describe in more detail exactly what EFT is.

Whilst I love helping clients with EFT and seeing the transformations that can occur, EFT has become an essential part of my daily routine. When situations arise that leave me feeling anything other than good, I start tapping. Think of instances you come across in a typical day – events that leave you feeling stressed, frustrated, angry or worried (hopefully not too many), or times when you have feelings of anxiety, desperation or a shock of some kind? I have used EFT successfully on each of these occasions. In a few short rounds of tapping, you are freed from the emotion and left in a more positive frame of mind.

Recently a friend arrived on my doorstep in the middle of a crisis, feeling scared, desperate and hopeless. After 10 minutes of tapping, she left feeling calm and focused. Whilst the tapping didn’t take away the crisis, my friend was not able to think clearly or take action while she was feeling so desperate, however once she was focused and calm, she was able to go back home, think the situation through rationally and make a clear and decisive action plan.

The thing with negative emotions such as worry, stress and anger is that when they are left unchecked and not dealt with, over time they can manifest themselves into physical symptoms. It is therefore best to release these emotions as quickly as possible. Hence the name Emotional Freedom Technique.

I am using this blog post to launch a series of videos I filmed recently, to show how EFT can be used for a variety of common problems, including food cravings, overwhelm and how it can even be used to overcome physical symptoms such as headaches! Tapping really can be used on anything.

EFT is gradually becoming more mainstream, and it has been reported that celebrities including Madonna and Lily Allen are fans of this therapy. Formula One Driver Fernando Alonso was spotted using EFT at the 2013 Hungarian Grand Prix, and it is the tool of choice for many PGA golfers to get into “the zone”.


As well as using EFT on myself, I often tap with my six and nine year old children on typical childhood issues such as not being able to get to sleep, feeling sad or worried, physical symptoms such as feeling sick and getting mentally prepared for a sports game, usually with amazing results.

EFT is an easy technique to learn, and has miraculous results. Pause for a moment and see what emotions you might be holding onto? Isn’t it time to let them go?

Image credit, The Guardian

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